After suffering from a chronic back injury, I used to think physical pain would be a permanent part of my life; yet after experiencing Reiki, I knew I had found a life-changing solution for myself that I had to share with other people.

Living your best life means having to think beyond conventional wisdom.  Some people believe that Reiki is just a physical experience to help with pain or relaxation.

In reality, Reiki does more for you than just helping your body.  It helps improve mental clarity, focus, and overall feelings of well-being. Reiki combined with coaching, hypnosis, and/or TimeLine Therapy® provides a powerful combination that can be very healing to both body and soul as well as helping you achieve long-term results.

If you're needing a physical and emotional reboot, then book a session below and you and I can talk about how Reiki coupled with these powerful techniques can help you experience a radically beautiful transformation.

I’ve also had my share of anxiety and depression over the years. When I was first diagnosed-- in addition to more traditional therapies-- I found that Reiki was tremendously helpful. It provided me with so much pain relief while also lowering my levels of stress and anxiety both during and after each session.

 It's my passion to support those with anxiety and depression because I’ve been there, and I know what it feels like to have constant stress and that never-ending feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m now at a point in my life where I have successfully overcome my symptoms, and I’m here to help you do the same. I know from personal experience how massage therapy complements traditional therapies on this journey of life.


1. Profound stress relief within a completely nonjudgmental environment where their individual needs are the only focus.

2. Renewed comfort and peace with one's body, and the sense of being at home within it.

3. Provides relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Research shows that Reiki helps support mental health, and reduces the symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood disturbances, and chronic pain. 

Are you Reiki 1&2 practitioner who would like to deepen your practice? And perhaps start teaching Reiki online as well as in person? Then this class is for you. It is also a deeply transformative and healing experience!

What I love about Holy Fire® Reiki is that it is such a powerful and yet gentle healing modality. It helps us to connect on a deeper level with our Intuition, Inner Guidance, it helps us to connect with our Spiritual Guides and open up to our Clairsenses, Claircognition, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience.

We are Energetic Beings, Frequency Beings. It is our birthright to be able to heal ourselves. In the times of Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient India, and Ancient Egypt we were very aware of this. It is time that we continue to remember all of our inherent gifts.

Saying 'YES' to working with Reiki, or any other healing modality, any other Spiritual practice, is a tremendous statement. It says to the Universe: "I am in agreement with letting go of the old, I am ready to recognize myself as a Sovereign, Powerful and Free Creator of this reality. I am ready for deep healing, for a Great New Beginning." And so, saying 'YES' is a great invitation on your part to release all that no longer serves you. You can visualize the energy of saying 'YES' as a frequency, as a stream or river that you can walk into, and with a Brave and Open Heart receive that Unconditional Love of the Source Creation Energy that this Universe has for you, in every moment.

If you feel called to work with Reiki energy please send me a message.