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Our minds are more powerful than imaginable. By tapping into the unconscious mind through hypnosis, we can empower ourselves to be calmer and stronger.

When you think of Hypnotherapy, what comes to mind? Do you imagine a swirling image and a “you’re getting sleepy” chant? Or maybe some poor soul clucking like a chicken every time they hear the secret word? While these things make for a good show, they are not what real Hypnotherapy is about.

Let me tell you what Hypnotherapy really is: it’s using your active imagination to make real and lasting changes. You are in control. You will always remember every single second of your session. It’s simply a deep state of relaxation.

The most powerful words in the world are the ones we say to ourselves. Every day, you are acting according to the narrative that you have written for yourself. Working together, we can create a new storyline! While deeply relaxed, your unconscious mind accepts the script that you write. Do you want to feel empowered and excited instead of anxious and stressed? Then, hypnotherapy is the perfect tool to get you there.

I specialize in supporting people to become fearless, powerful beings ready to live out their lives to the fullest. When you are free of negative emotions, you are capable of sharing your gift with the world. We reinforce what is working in your life and transform what is not, giving you to power to shine your light.

Hypnotherapy helps you to transform:

  • Fear of Failure
  • Unwarranted or Explosive Anger
  • Unhealthy Habits
  • Fear of Medical and Dental Procedures
  • Chronic Pain
  • Post-Op Recovery

After speaking, we determine if Hypnotherapy is right for you. If it is, Sessions will take place over Zoom or at my office.